My teaching philosophy

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My teaching philosophy

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ConductorStudying an instrument can be one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences in a persons life. I am a strong believer that studying music can help individuals develop characteristics like discipline, work ethic, pride, confidence, and other important ideals. Not only will a student develop these characteristics, but will also gain an appreciation for different styles of music, its cultural significance, and how music can be used to convey emotions and ideas. All of these ideas are great, however not necessarily the most important aspect of musical study. Music lessons are designed to help students learn proper technique and the essentials of music while delivering this material in an interesting way. If a students end goal is to be able to play their favorite radio songs or improvise with a local blues group, all of the tools that a private lesson teacher can help develop will be most useful if a student understands how these tools are applicable to their desired goal.

Private lesson teachers each have a different approach and style to their teaching. Some students will find that they appreciate the teaching style of a particular instructor more than another. Finding a instructor that you makes you feel comfortable is very important. Many teachers will provide a FREE FIRST LESSON in order for you to get acquainted with the style and approach of a teacher. If you are considering taking lessons utilizing this free trial lesson is an easy way to determine if you think you will get what you expect from your private lessons. If a free trial lesson is not advertised, ASK, and more than likely something will be provided.

Ultimately, I want each of my students to have a fun and meaningful experience during their time participating in individual or group settings. I want to help each student achieve their musical goals and help develop capable and well rounded musicians. Having fun is important, but learning an instrument is hard work. Keeping a regular practice schedule is important and encouraged for continued progress. I don’t give students repetitive and meaningless exercises as busy work.

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